• The Best Money You’ll Ever Spend

    What comes to mind when you think of a good investment?  Property, cars, jewelry, stocks and stuff like that?  Well, what is it worth to begin your life with your special someone in the best way possible?  Imagine beginning your marriage focused on understanding each other, sharing your visions for the future, and knowing how to really communicate with each other…not to mention having a good way to resolve conflicts that come up from time to time in all relationships.  Now that is priceless!


    My blog for this week is actually a summer promotional for engaged couples.  For the summer I am offering a 4-session marriage preparation course for a special price.


    The course will cover many of the topics and issues that will help your transition into marriage be smooth and fulfilling.  Whether you have been dating for years or months there will always be things to learn in how to have a happy, healthy, successful relationship.


    We will explore together how expectations and our life experiences influence views of marriage.  Other important topics will include finances, intimacy (both emotional and physical), and lots of helpful communication skills.


    Beginning your life together will set the tone for your years together.  Why not start out with both of you having your best foot forward?


    The cost for couples counseling is normally $125 per session.  But for this special summer offer you and your fiancé will receive a 4-session package for $375.  That is a $125 savings!  It is like getting a session for FREE.  As an additional bonus the state of Florida offers a discount on your marriage license fee for completing pre-marital counseling.  To receive this special offer you will need to contact me and mention this blog and pre-pay for the course.  You will have until the end of the year to use your sessions.


    Being prepared for a happy, healthy, successful, fulfilling and fun marriage is truly the best money you will ever spend!


    You can email me at [email protected] or call me at 321-251-8344.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you prepare for years of specialness together.

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