• Relationship counseling in Melbourne, FL for high conflict couples and couples wanting to save their marriage after an affair.

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    Discover the best of life together!

    If you are reading this it is probably because you are needing help in your marriage or thinking now is a good time to get some couples counseling. It is a courageous step to seek help to improve your relationship. Perhaps you are…

    • Tired of fighting?
    • Tired of the miscommunication?
    • Tired of feeling misunderstood?
    • Feel like your marriage is stuck in a rut?
    • Feel like you are always wrong?
    • Feel like you are walking on eggshells?
    • Hurt from broken trust or infidelity?
    • Just simply tired of trying?
    • Fearful about the future?

    You are not alone! It takes a lot of effort and hard work to maintain a meaningful and loving relationship for the long haul. More than you ever anticipated. You can be successful in other areas of your life so how come it seems like you are failing in your marriage. If two people love each other shouldn’t that be enough? It would be nice if “love” was enough to sustain and maintain a wonderful marriage, but “love” is complex and complicated. You and your spouse bring baggage from your family experiences growing up and from your other adult relationships into your marriage. Many of us simply do not know how to live relationally with each other.

    There is good news! The good news is you and your spouse can become aware of and unlearn some of those old, unhealthy ways of treating each other. You can replace them with healthy, respectful ways of relating, communicating and experiencing life together. Picture yourself instead of fighting – having real conversation…instead of feeling pushed aside – feeling special and cherished…instead of just going through the motions – really enjoying life together in a fun and fulfilling way…instead of feeling betrayed and hurt – experiencing healing and true intimacy.

    I have spent many years studying, learning and helping couples to grow, mature, heal and create meaningful, successful, fulfilling and deeply loving relationships. We will work, learn and grow together, side by side, as you and your spouse see more and more possibility in your marriage becoming all you have dreamed it could be. Call me. Let’s work together!

    Not accepting new clients at the time.
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    What Others Have Said About My Services:

    We are in Rome, Italy, celebrating our wedding anniversary. We couldn’t be any happier on this trip. I hope you will count us as a success story. Your guidance, our hard work and infinite love for one another have made it possible.
    Mr. & Mrs. D
    I wanted to tell you that you make a difference in people’s lives and I am so happy that we crossed paths and you helped us to come back from a very dark period in our lives to be at our very best. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, words are not enough.
    Mrs. T
    We met Carma during a despairing time in our 15 year marriage and did not have much initial hope for repairing our relationship before counseling. Carma has an amazing ability to uncover the underlying problems quickly allowing us to move towards a path of real change. It is now three years later and we still use Carma as a resource for all aspects of our lives. Her tools and experience have helped us achieve a much stronger marriage and family life than we could have ever imagined.
    Mr. & Mrs. F