• Stuck In a Rut

    Is your marriage stuck in a rut? Does it seem like everyday is a repeat of the day before – same old, same old – kind of like a boring life together? You are not sure when or how it happened but the specialness, the interest, the tenderness has evaporated. Your relationship has become something neither of you want it to be. Life just seems to have gotten in the way. The focus moves now to building a career; buying a house, cars and other stuff; starting and raising a family – all good things – yet along the journey of life the marriage relationship now has taken a back seat. You begin thinking, “This is not what I expected or signed up for.” And as expectations go unexpressed and unnoticed, we are left longing for more…more connections, more affection, more conversation, more attention, more fun, and more intimacy.

    I have some really good news. Having a healthy, vibrant relationship and marriage is possible AND all of the other important aspects of life can also be taken care of as well. The trick is to change your thinking and your actions to “AND” and not “OR.” It is possible to have a career, be a good parent, manage life with crazy schedules and finances AND have that special connection and relationship you desire with your spouse.

    Together we will work to learn time management, stress management, financial management, and how to clean out the closet of our past automatic reactions and responses. As you learn about stronger emotional connection, your love and intimacy grow deeper and deeper. Life and marriage become a joy. Begin your recovery now from a stuck in a rut, unfulfilling relationship to a true, meaningful partnership as husband and wife. Being deeply in love and proud of it! Call me today to schedule your free phone consultation.