• Affair Recovery

    If you have come to this page you are most likely in a place of shock, deep sorrow, indescribable hurt and pain, sadness, betrayal and anger. The unthinkable has happened. The love of your life, the person you have made a lifelong commitment to be with has been unfaithful. Unfaithful to your marriage vows and unfaithful to your love. You may jump from feelings of confusion to anger to not knowing how to work through the emotional pain. You feel it with each breath you take. You have shed all of the tears you think you can possibly produce. Your head seems like it is exploding with all kinds of thoughts and questions. Questions like: How can I ever trust again? Can I experience true healing from the pain and betrayal? Is there something wrong with me? Why am I not enough? Why couldn’t he/she talk with me if they were not happy or fulfilled in the relationship? Will our marriage be able to be rebuilt? Can we ever move past this? These are all very real and legitimate thoughts, questions and feeling. You are not going crazy. There can be hope to heal and then rebuild a better, stronger relationship.

    Infidelity is not the kiss of death to a marriage. It can be a huge wake up call to become ‘down to your toes’ real with yourself and your spouse.   It is an opportunity to bring all of the insecurities and dysfunctional coping reactions and defense mechanisms to light. Once in the light, we will work together to disarm them by unlearning old patterns and learning how to communicate with openness and sincerity.

    Part of the healing will involve understanding the role that genuine sorrow and true forgiveness play in your relationship. Another important part in the process of recreating and rebuilding your relationship is learning the elements involved in restoring trust.

    As both husband and wife gain an understanding of how trust is restored and all that is involved in the process then they will have a valuable tool for reconnection. Don’t allow bitterness and resentment to lead you down the path of doubt and despair. Begin your recovery today from the lingering effects of an affair to the secure, fulfilling marriage you have always wanted. Call me to schedule your free phone consultation.