• Be Aware or Beware

    “You should be more aware.”

    “What is it going to take for you to pay attention?”

    “Raise your awareness about…”

    “If you were more aware things would be different.”


    Awareness…what is it and what exactly does it mean and how to I learn it? It is a word we hear quite a bit on television talk shows.  We see it referenced in books and magazines.  But have you heard a definition or explanation?


    Well, it is simple and yet not so simple.  Let’s look at what it is NOT first before we try to define it. Awareness is not knowledge. Awareness is not logical learning. Are you ready?  Here is a great way to define “awareness”: It is in the moment observationof what is happening to us, around us, and with us right now.  That means we are noticing/observing all that is going on around us in the present space. It is awakening our senses to what we are seeing, hearing, smelling, and touching as life happens in real time.


    Becoming more aware is a skill.  It is not something that comes naturally for most people.  We, as a culture, are multi-tasking, overwhelmed, and distracted much of the time.  It takes focus and time to observe what is happening in the moment.  Awareness is kind of like a muscle that needs training and exercise to develop.


    The reason it is so important to train yourself to be more aware is because the present moment is the only place where we can take in knowledge and learn. As we become more aware we are then equipped to make better choices and decisions.  The past is behind us and we cannot change it.  It will never be any better nor will it be any worse.  The future is not here yet so dwelling there may bring worry and anxiety.  Remaining in the present and training ourselves to be aware can lead to some wonderful and different experiences in our lives.


    If you are looking to gain more awareness this year in your friendships, your marriage, your family, or your personal growth and insight, call me.  If you are looking for transformation and need some direction, call me to schedule a free phone consultation.


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