• A Letter to Myself

    Here is a letter I wrote to myself…


    Dear Carma,


    It has taken you quite a few days to wrap your head and heart and thoughts and feelings around the horrific and deeply heartbreaking events that have occurred AGAIN in our nation.  Four hundred years of deep scars from racism, injustice, prejudice, discrimination, disrespect and disregard for human lives and souls have left you and many in spine-chilling aftershock!  Enough!


    I am talking to you, Carma.  You see the pain.  It makes you sick to your stomach and sick in your soul.  Allow the outrage you feel to move you much further to decisive action and support for equality.  Do not take for granted any more the simple pleasures of taking a walk, a bike ride, shopping…


    Stand up and speak when injustice happens.  Pray for continued protesting, marching and meaningful dialogue, joining in more.  See color.  Embrace and celebrate our differences.  Learn from my Black friends and colleagues.


    There is much that needs to change.  And so much more to understand.  So much more to unlearn, learn new and rethink.  Continue to read, watch and listen.  There is a world of resources available at your fingertips.  It is so easy to slide back into complacency.  Please save this letter as a reminder to be diligent and alert!


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