• New Day, New You?

    Don’t we just love new things…a new outfit, new purse, new shoes, new car, even things like a new recipe or new restaurant!  We celebrate new…new baby, new job, new home, and party all night to bring in the New Year!


    On Saturday I had the pleasure of watching this beautiful sunrise with my husband and some family members who were visiting.  It was a perfect day with a light breeze, low humidity, and enough clouds so that the sky became an amazing work of art.  As I was taking it all in, I began to think about it being a new day…and that, actually, every day is a new day.


    Yet many times we do not put much thought into it being a “new day.” We simply get up, do our normal routine then go to our same job and do the same thing, then come home and probably do the same evening routine.  We go to bed to get up the next day to start the process over!


    What if tomorrow you woke up and said, “I am glad to be alive and happy to have a new day”?  Would we think differently with each breath we made and each step we took?  We could even play a game of noticing all the new people and objects around us.  With a new day it means that the old day is gone.  We can focus our attention on a new start of our new day and begin to work on becoming the new person we want to be one day taking one step at a time.


    Now we all know that just because the sun comes up to usher in a new day all of our worries, concerns, troubles and cares do not go away.  Yet we can be thankful that we have each new day as a restart for learning about ourselves and making choices to become a better, healthier us.  A new you can come be created with each new day.


    If you would like some help in becoming a better, healthier you please call or email me.  Carma Kuhn at 321-251-8344 or [email protected].

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