• Good Carma for Your Marriage

    Welcome to Good Carma for Your Marriage!  This is the first blog entry of Carma Kuhn, Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  You might be wondering if “Carma” is my real name…(I get that question a lot.)  Well, yes, it is.  My mother named me after her mother and little did she know when she chose that name for me that one day I would grow up to be a therapist!

    After being married for 40 years (to the same man) and raising 3 children into adulthood, you can imagine I have experienced a vast array of life’s good times, bad times, rough times, smooth times, and all the times in between.  I am excited to begin this blog to share tips, secrets, tools, and ideas that will help your marriage.  Come back every two weeks for helpful information for you and your relationship.

    Topics to be looking for include:

    • Secrets for Healthier Communication
    • Suggestions for Resolving Conflict
    • Feeling More Loved and Being More Loving
    • How to Rebuild Trust
    • Fighting Fair – What does that Look Like?
    • Adding More Fun
    • Reigniting the Romance
    • What Forgiveness is NOT
    • And a whole lot more!

    Since this is the season of new beginnings and new resolutions, today’s challenge is to begin an “admiration” list of characteristics you admire about your spouse.  Each day take a few minutes to write down 3 things about your spouse that bring a smile to your face.  It can be something they said or something they did or a positive attitude they had or whatever comes to mind.  It can be simple or complex, new or old, sweet or practical.  Bringing to mind what we admire about our spouse helps us be more positive and encouraging.

    Three things I admire about my husband: (1) he thinks about ways to help my workload, (2) he is funny, and (3) he is quicker to apologize than I am.  Your turn…

    Want to learn more about the counseling practice of Carma?  Visit her website: www.couplescarma.com.


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